Why Do I Drink My Coffee So Fast? (Gulp!)

I love coffee so much that despite taking so long to make it, I frequently gulp it down. Why do I do this?!

We drink coffee quickly because we’re in a rush, the coffee’s getting cold, we’re thirsty, we love the taste, we crave that dopamine hit or we just really want a shot of caffeine to give us that buzz when we’re tired.

Let’s take a quick delicious gulp of the subject of drinking coffee fast, and discover if it’s bad to drink coffee too quickly, how to drink it more slowly – and find out how long most people take to drink a cup of joe…

Why Do I Drink My Coffee So Fast?

Why Do I Chug My Coffee?

There are lots of reasons why we sometimes gulp our coffee down. We’re in a rush, the coffee’s getting cold, we’re thirsty, we love the taste, we crave that dopamine hit – and sometimes, we just really want that shot of caffeine.

If you’re a regular coffee drinker, there’s another reason why you might chug your coffee down each morning. When you’re tired, your body produces a chemical called adenosine.

Caffeine molecules bind themselves to the adenosine receptors, which gives you an immediate buzz. The more accustomed you are to drinking coffee, the more adenosine your body produces, the more caffeine you need.

Is It Better to Drink Coffee Quickly or Slowly?

When we’re tired (or as we’ve just learned, in need of zapping our adenosine receptors), we can be tempted to chug that coffee down, to get the caffeine into us asap.

However, sipping coffee slowly can actually be a better way to take in that caffeine. It’s released slowly into your system, and leaves it slowly, too.

This means you avoid that unpleasant caffeine crash later in the day.  How we drink coffee changes throughout the day. Here’s a short film that explains the best times of day to drink coffee for maximum effect and enjoyment.

Of course, some days (if we’re running late, for example) it’s neck the coffee quickly or do without. Otherwise, try taking it slowly. Choose an Americano over an espresso, and savor those rich, bold flavors.

And there’s another “but”… Your dentist may disagree with spinning your coffee slowly, as it’s in contact with your teeth for longer. Shall we compromise at around 15-20 minutes for a more relaxed cup that doesn’t linger too long?

If you’re not sure, speak with your dentist about any effects of coffee on your dental health.

What Happens if I Drink Coffee Too Fast?

Sometimes, if you drink coffee very quickly (and/or drink a lot of coffee), you can get the caffeine jitters.

As well as making you feel very alert and rather twitchy, drinking coffee too fast can raise your heart rate, which makes some people feel anxious or “jittery”. This in turn can cause nausea and dizziness. 

If you drink a large or strong cup of coffee quickly, these effects will be more noticeable. Can you overdose on caffeine? Yes, you can, and it’s recommended that you keep your daily dose to under 400 milligrams.

This is still quite a lot: to put it into context, there’s about 80 milligrams of caffeine in a can of energy drink. 

How much caffeine is there in coffee? That depends, as a standard cup of black coffee can have anything from 50 mg to 250 mg, depending on how you make it, the size of the cup, what beans you use, and so on.

Is It Good to Drink Coffee Quickly?

If you want to pace your caffeine intake and avoid a coffee crash, drink your coffee gradually throughout the day. However, this isn’t to say that it isn’t good to drink your coffee quickly, and sometimes, that’s just what’s needed.

If you’re about to go into a meeting or catch a train, you might not have the time to savor each delicious sip. So, from time to time, and provided the coffee isn’t too hot, you might just need to swig it down.

As coffee fans, we prefer to take our time so we appreciate the flavors and aromas. However, if it comes to a choice between drinking it quickly or not at all, we reckon it’s always best to chug a cup of coffee quickly.

Is It Good to Drink Coffee Quickly?
Is It Good to Drink Coffee Quickly?

How Do You Properly Drink Coffee?

Sitting up in bed in a five-star hotel? Well, failing that, here are a few tips for drinking coffee properly.

Firstly, find a coffee shop that you trust. If you’re making your own coffee, use freshly ground beans (by that, we mean beans that you have ground minutes before) and ideally, filtered fresh water. 

Before you sip your coffee, have a drink of fresh water to cleanse your palate. Most coffee shops will offer this anyway. You want to rinse away any other tastes in your mouth so you can appreciate the flavors of the coffee.

When your coffee arrives, stir it with a metal teaspoon. Yes, we don’t want to disturb that perfect crema either, but you need to mix it to appreciate all those flavors.

The brewing process can result in the components of the coffee becoming “layered”, which is why it needs to be stirred.

Coffee is about the aroma as well as the taste. When you take a sip, breathe in through your nose, enhancing both the smell and taste experience. 

Nuts complement the flavors of coffee, so treat yourself to some biscotti, cookies, or cake. Cinnamon buns are divine with a good cup of coffee.

However, make sure you enjoy the tastes of the drink first, before diving into your pistachio biscotti. (If you love a snack with your coffee, try these biscotti recipes.)

Ideally, you drink your coffee slowly, enjoying the ambiance of the cafe or the comfort of your own settee. In a more everyday world, you may end up necking your double espresso on the way to the airport or the school: but sometimes, take the time to enjoy drinking your coffee properly.

How Long Should It Take to Finish Coffee?

Well, we asked around and everyone has a different opinion on this. Of course, the espresso drinkers are going to have a different approach to the latte aficionados, and black coffee needs a little longer to cool than a flat white.

The consensus seems to be about 15 minutes to enjoy a typical cup of coffee. After half an hour, it has more of a “stewed” feel to it, and it’s probably going to be pretty cold. 

Speaking of cold, those who like a cold-brewed coffee or an iced coffee are going to treat it more as a standard soft drink, and drink it in five to ten minutes.

There’s no real right or wrong to this, and it’s what works best for you. If you’re one of those coffee drinkers that gets the jitters easily, slow it down so you enjoy it more. Like an espresso? Well, there’s no way you’re going to linger over that for 20 minutes!

Final Words On Drinking Coffee Quickly

So it turns out that I am drinking my coffee too quickly if I’m gulping it all down in a few seconds.

Especially if the average joe drinks their cup of joe in around 15 minutes.

Looks like I should take my own advice and slow to down to savor that taste and flavor. I’ll still get the caffeine hit but will enjoy the journey of getting there. 🙂